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When completing an online survey the customer and respondent's privacy is our top priority and ultimate concern. There are various reasons for taking a tough stance on spam, but the most pressing is the global nature of the problem - not just the inconvenience caused but also associated costs such as lost time and the purchase and implementation of spam protection software. Some countries such as the US have developed laws to protect consumers from spam but success has been limited. In Europe, following intense pressure from lobbying groups, the EU recently introduced anti-spam measures limiting the ability to contact people via email on an unsolicited basis. In general, the following global problems are associated with spam:

  • According to European research 95% of email is being blocked due to spam concerns
  • 90% of US email is unsolicited and is an incredible burden on Internet networks (Source: Computing services and Software Association)
  • 10% of all blocked mail is pornographic in nature
  • 22,000 people throughout Europe signed an online petition calling for unsolicited email to be prohibited
  • 68% of US users surveyed finds unsolicited email problematic
  • Two-thirds of US Internet users support legislation against unsolicited email
  • Unsolicited email costs UK businesses £5,000,000,000 a year (Source: Novel)
  • Unsolicited email is already banned in the Netherlands and Germany

iFeedback takes spam seriously and offers clients guidance and advice to ensure that our clients give their email address lists careful consideration and thorough review. We also advise our clients of the latest developments in online spam, online security and legal requirements. From a business perspective, it is beneficial to send email only to people who are interested in what you have to offer. Ideally, a self-developed business list should comprise only potential clients and individuals who are interested in receiving an email from you.

iFeedback can assist clients to develop solid strategies that retain existing customers, attract new ones and provide online recipients with a positive and hassle-free experience. This builds customer relations and protects our clients’ business reputations.

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